Advanced & Machinable
Metal Matrix Composites

Advanced ceramics with
high purity and rigidity for
precision applications

Low CTE Ceramics

Low CTE Ceramics exhibit zero expansion at room temperature. These light weight ceramics are a good choice for applications like e-chucks and high-precision instruments where dimensional stability is critical.


  • Semiconductor Process Equipment Parts
  • Precision Machinery Parts

Low CTE Ceramics Products Photo


General Properties Main Component Purity (wt%) -
Color Gray
Density (g/cm3) 2.5
Water Absorption (%) 0
Mechanical Properties Bending Strength (MPa) 200
Young's Modulus (GPa) 140
Vickers Hardness (GPa) -
Thermal Properties Max.Operating Temperature (°C) -
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (1/°C×10-6) RT~500°C <0.5
RT~800°C 2.0
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity (W/m×K) -
Thermal Shock Resistance ΔT (°C) -
Electrical Properties Volume Resistivity 25°C 1014
300°C 1012
500°C 1010
800°C 106
Dielectric Constant 10GHz -
Dielectric Loss (×10-4) -
Q Factor (×104) -
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (KV/mm) 23