Bio-medical and Life Sciences

Thermal Solutions:
Ferrotec's thermal solutions, including thermoelectric modules, temperature controllers and thermal accessories, are used for precision temperature control in many bio-medical applications including in-vitro diagnostics. Some of the applications include:

In-vitro diagnostics systems used by hospitals, laboratories, and institutions

  • on-board refrigeration systems for immunoassay, clinical chemistry, and hematology systems
  • incubation and temperature control systems
  • thermal cycling in molecular diagnostic applications like PCR, etc.

Scientific instruments use thermoelectric modules for temperature control and enhanced precision in detection systems such as

  • Flow cytometry instruments
  • Gas chromatography instruments
  • Liquid chromatography instruments
  • Microscopes and Microscopy systems
  • Spectrometers

Ferrotec thermal management solutions also play a critical role in temperature control and optical performance enhancement in medical lasers used for surgical and diagnostic applications.

Ferrofluid and magnetic nano-particle solutions -- used as the core for producing diagnostic microbeads used in many in-vitro diagnostic applications including molecular diagnostics, proteiomics, genetics,

Ferrofluidic Sealing Solutions:
Ferrofluidic seal technology for critical gas systems like sterilization equipment. Advanced seals for high-performance radiology, X-ray and imaging systems.

Emerging applications:
As genetic diagnostic processes and scientific applications continue to evolve, manufacturing technologies are converging in unique ways. Applications like micro-arrays are increasingly combining diagnostic techniques with processes traditionally used in semiconductor manufacturing and thin-film coating to create next generation bio-medical diagnostic solutions.