Semiconductor Manufacturing

Ferrofluidic Seals are used as component solutions where rotation is required in vacuum processes, high temperature applications, and other demanding or critical gas environments. The ferrofluidic seal locks out atmosphere and contaminants.

Inertia Dampers can be attached to step motors in order to help provide precision movement. Ferrofluid in the inertial damper provides

Ferrodrives integrate precision motor and drive technology with ferrofluidic seals and subsystem assemblies for integrated subsystem solutions for manufacturing systems.

Fabricated quartz is used to make system components that contact wafer surfaces or function in other process steps that demand high purity, non-reactive materials.

Thermoelectric modules and thermoelectric assemblies can be used to control temperature and remove heat for cooling wafers and for improved performance in integrated circuit testing processes.

Semiconductor Industry Resources

Here is a list of resources and organizations that offer more information about semiconductor manufacturing and the semiconductor proccess.

Sematech is an alliance organization with membership representing about half of the world's semiconductor production, as well as a global network of alliances with equipment and material suppliers, universities, research institutes, consortia, start-up companies, and government partners.

The Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (SEMI®) is an excellent resource for information about semiconductor manufacturing.




Solid State Technology covers semiconductors, wafer fabrication, integrated circuits, thin-film microelectronics, flat-panel displays, and microstructure technologies, processes and equipment and more.