Multi-Hearth Evaporators

Ferrotec offers a selection of multi-hearth evaporators to suit every budget and application. For each evaporator, a variety of standard and custom hearths are available.

NEW — The EV M-10 - Ferrotec's newest high-capacity multi-hearth source!

Multi hearth evaporator EV M-10
The EV M-10 is the new high capacity Electron Beam source, designed by FerroTec Germany. It has been designed for applications requiring the deposition large amounts of material as well as large volume vacuum coating chambers. This source incorporates well proven e-beam technology including water cooling, rotary drive and magnetic components. Moreover, its newly designed source body, crucibles and the filament block result in a more efficient and effective operation.


Single hearth evaporator EV M-5II
The EV M-5II is a general purpose multi-hearth source for use up to a maximum power of 5kW. It is ideal for applications requiring high deposition rates and effective material utilization. Typical applications are production coatings or laboratory-scale evaporations with a variety of different materials or with materials which require continuous pocket rotation.

EV M-6 and EV M-8

Single hearth evaporator EV M-6
The EV M-6 and M-8 are professional multi-hearth sources for optical and other high precision applications. The EV M-6 has a maximum power of 6kW and the EV M-8 can be used at powers of up to 10kW. These evaporators offer a small beam spot regardless of position in the pocket and extremely homogenous material depletion. This makes them ideal for precision applications such as optical coating.